So where do you get the answers to all of your cake questions.  From the Yummy-Pedia of course!  Let’s get started.

What is the most important thing about ordering a cake? Probably the number of people you need to serve is right up near the top.  That will let our designer determine how large the cake needs to be for your event. But closely following the quantity is the date of the event. For special custom cakes we often need two weeks to be sure that we have your cake ready on time. Many cakes are like original works of art and we may have to test different methods and techniques to find the one that makes your cake look the best.

What is considered a “standard” cake? A standard round cake is either six inches or nine inches around and has two layers.  The 6″ serves 7-9 people and the 9″ serves 16-20 people. In a rectangular cake the sizes are 9X13, 10X15 or 12X18.  The smaller size serves 18-20 and the largest serves 35-40. The standard cakes will be decorated with either piped dots, scrolls, floral icing or script.

Cake and All Things Yummy standard cake

No art charge for this cake.

Cake and All Things Yummy Standard Cake

No art charge for this cake.

What makes it non-standard and incurs additional charges? Charges are added when it takes us more time and details to complete the request. Rolling fondant, carving the cake into a shape, putting on multiple layers or decorations are all time intensive steps and will require an additional charge.  Some times additional charges are for additional supplies.  For example, creating an edible image requires special media and ink and so there is an additional charge.

Cake and All Things Yummy cake with art charge
Small art charge to create the woodgrain effect.
Cake and All Things Yummy cake with art work
Extensive artwork for this cake








What is a cut-out cake? A cut-out cake is when we take a standard round or rectangular cake layer and cut parts away to make a shape.  Once the cake is cut into the correct shape then we decorate it to make it look like the desired finished product.

Cake and All Things Yummy carved cake

Cut-out cake to create shape

Cake and All Things Yummy carved cake

Cake is cut out to make shape

Do you airbrush cakes? Yes. The airbrush has become a great tool for cake decorators so that we can get fine gradations in color in the icing/decoration.

Cake and All Things Yummy air-brushed cake

Example of a colorful air-brushed cake.

What is fondant? Fondant is a type of covering that is sometimes used for a very smooth, pliable surface on a cake. While it helps make certain decorations possible many people don’t care for the taste of fondant. There is always an additional charge for fondant covered cakes because it is time intensive to work the color into the white base and get it just right to match the design.

What is an edible image? Edible images are photo-like images that are placed on the cake that are created with edible media and inks. There is an additional charge for edible images.

Cake and All Things Yummy edible image

This cake has an edible image added to it.

Cake and All Things Yummy edible image

The Hello Kitty was added with an edible image to maintain the detail

How much lead time to do you need? For detailed custom cakes we may request two weeks to prepare your cake.  If you want to pick up a standard cake with no custom decoration on a whim then give us a call and we may have one in the display case.

Do you deliver wedding cakes? Yes, to help ensure that your cake arrives safely at your reception we do deliver.  Delivery charges vary with free delivery for weddings within Kernersville.

How should I get started with wedding cake ideas? The key is to know your guest list size, your colors, your theme and any special touches you would like.  Visit our wedding planning page for some ideas on options.  Also, as with the rest of your wedding planning, save pictures of cakes that you like and bring your ideas when you meet with one of our decorators.

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