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Cake and All Things Yummy wedding cakesWe work with brides and families every day and we love being a part of your special day. Here are the three most common options for providing a wedding dessert.  You’re not limited to these options but we wanted to give you a starting point for your wedding/reception. Each of these examples below is priced for a guest list of 100.

The Traditional Tiered Cake

If you enjoy the beauty and tradition of a tiered wedding cake this is the option for you! The following guide will give you an example of the average cost of a tiered cake for a wedding with a guest list of 100. Three tiers with a base of 12″, a middle tier of 9″ and and 6″ topper.  The cake can be round or square.  The round cake feeds 102 guests and the starting price is $408.  The square cake feeds 135 and starting price is $540.

*Prices are based on our $4 per serving starting price.  Other charges may apply for the use of fondant icing, gum paste flowers or extensive artwork.

The Dessert Table

If you have a broad appreciation of all things yummy, then this is the option for you! This is an appealing option because you can offer a diverse selection of desserts for you and your guests to enjoy. You can be proud of your beautiful dessert table that could consist of lemon tartlettes, cream pie tartlettes, cake pops, cupcakes, a variety of dessert cakes or a beautiful tiered centerpiece cake to tie in the tradition with the fun!

The average cost of the dessert table for a wedding with 100 guest would range from $1.75 to $3.00 per serving. Price is dependent upon which desserts you choose and is based on base pricing. Other charges may apply.

The Cupcake Wedding

The cupcake wedding is still trending in full swing! With celebrity brides such as Carrie Underwood opting for the cupcake tower, there seems to be no slow-down in the cupcake trend. A large part of the appeal of cupcakes is the vast variety of flavor options you and your guests can indulge in. Adding to the appeal of the cupcake option is the price…this one rings in as the most affordable and fun of all of our wedding treats.

The average cost of a cupcake tower for a wedding with 100 guests would be approximately $264. This price would consist of nine dozen cupcakes, a 6″ cake to cut and cupcake tower rental and standard delivery. Other charges may apply.

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