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Cake and All Things Yummy!

From beautiful wedding cakes and dessert tables to flavorful pound cake, cupcakes and cookies, we can satisfy your sweet tooth with beauty and great taste.

Make any event or gathering into something special with
Cake and All Things Yummy.

Cupcakes from Cakes and All Things Yummy
Sometimes all you need to make a day better is a cupcake. Choose from a delicious selection in our cupcake case

Cake and All Things Yummy Dessert Cakes
Don’t stress when Cake and All Things Yummy can make your dessert table a shining star.

Wedding Cake Southern Bride magazine
One of our wedding cakes featured in Southern Bride magazine. Congrats to another “Cake and All Things Yummy” Couple!

Summertime, outdoors, ice cream and _ _ _ _!  If you filled in the blank with CAKE then you are one of us. If you have a birthday, ballgame or other special occasion coming up then let us help you make it even more special with a one-of-a-kind cake from Cake and All Things Yummy.If you’re celebrating an event don’t forget that we can make the special day even sweeter with not only a Cake and All Things Yummy cake but also cupcakes, cake pops or even a complete dessert table. Call us or use the Contact Form and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect treat. If you would like a little help with that perfect sweet treat for your family celebration or Fall Festivities let us know. You can peruse our menu for prices and utilize our contact form for quotes on custom cakes. Be sure to check us out on Facebook and, as always, we love to see you in the shop.

We love great cake.

At Cake and All Things Yummy we want to make you some great cake! We won’t take an order that we don’t feel we can do our absolute best on. We do this because we know Cake and All Things Yummy go with the best times of your life. Birthday parties, baby showers, holidays and, of course, weddings are all made for cake and sweets. When not just any grocery store cake will do then we will work with your plans to make the best personal dessert that you can find.

The three layers of a great cake!

You have to have a great recipe so that the cake tastes phenomenal. We know great decorators who can make a piece of styrofoam look fantastic…but you wouldn’t want to eat it! Each of our recipes are tried and true. Then you add the design. Many designs just won’t work for cake. They may be too top heavy or can’t be carved. We will work with you to come up a design that tells your story and functions well as a dessert. Lastly, you have to be able to execute the design and our decorators have been creating amazing cakes for years. Put the three layers together and you’ve got Cake and All Things Yummy!